“This is the ‘Bible’ of persuasion.” - Dan Henry

‘MAGNETIC Story Selling’

New Multi-Media Book From Marketing Legends Dan Kennedy & Russell Brunson Uncovers The Secret 'Architectural Empire’ To Creating Customers That Stick With You For Life!

…And Now YOU Can Adopt This Same Framework As Your Own!

“Finished the book and WOW… this is hands-down the greatest book on personality-driven copywriting I’ve ever read! This will be a game-changer for every small business owner and entrepreneur!”  - Dan Henry, 9-figure digital marketer

The BRIDGE That Takes YOU From “MarketeR


In Your Customers’ Lives…

Do You Want To Level Up

From Regular Ol’ Marketing… 

And Build A Universe Filled With DIE-HARD Customers That Can’t Get Enough Of YOU?

Then ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ will show you how!

YES! This Multimedia Book Works For:

  • Membership Sites
  • ​Ecomm
  • ​S.A.A.S. (Software As A Service)
  • ​Supplements
  • ​Info Products
  • ​Coaching Programs
  • ​And More...!!!

Dan Kennedy & Russell Brunson – Two Legends of Direct Response Marketing – Share Their…

Architectural Empire

to Creating Customers For Life!

(...And How YOU Can Adopt Their Exact Framework As Your Own!)

Dear business owner,

Here’s the low-down truth:

Nowadays, just about anyone can figure out how to “sell,” online or off.

And yes, selling will make you money…

…but what about generating real, long-term WEALTH?

I’m not talking about investments, crypto, or any of that stuff…

I’m referring to the genius-level marketing “science” that taps into the emotional part of customers’ brains called: INFLUENCE.

When you level-up and graduate from a regular “marketer” and begin to develop INFLUENCE, you transcend the normal “transactional relationship” and become a guiding voice in your dream customers’ lives..

How do you raise your marketing chops to the “influential” level…?

Through story selling.

Story selling is the “bridge” that takes you from a regular ol’ marketer…

…to become an influential force in your customers’ lives where they’ll want to stick with you for life!

Now, let me be clear: what I’m talking about isn’t a pitch for another “sales copywriting” course or book. This goes BEYOND normal sales copywriting...

And instead, dives to a deeper, emotionally-bonding part of the human psyche– that A.I. won’t have the capacity to comprehend for at least 10+ years.

Once you’ve used “story selling” (and in the way I’ll be showing you)...

…you’ll have the power to attract customers into your “world” of influence, and have them so attached to you and your way of thinking…

They literally won’t have “wandering eyes” for anyone else.

I know that’s a big claim, but hear me out…

In our new multi-media book, ‘Magnetic Story Selling’, Dan Kennedy and myself (Russell Brunson) reveal the exact “architectural empire” that has been more responsible for our success, wealth (long and short-term), and sustained pre-eminence in the marketplace…

...and we’re inviting you to adopt this same framework for yourself!

In ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ you’ll have the rare chance to ethically-steal our framework, which can be used for all types of businesses, including:

  • Ecomm
  • ​Supplements
  • ​Coaching
  • ​Health & Fitness
  • S.A.A.S.
  • Info Products
  • ​Brick & Mortar
  • And More...!

‘Magnetic Story Selling’ is the quintessential marketing tool

TO BUILD A “celebrity-like” persona

in your dream customers’ minds –

where they read everything you put out… purchase every offer…
and share your goodies with everyone they know!

AND No… this isn’t just another “copywriting” book… and yet it’ll show you bedrock fundamentals on HOW to write sales copy that not only converts, but INFLUENCES and STICKS.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner business owner or a veteran.

(...And it especially doesn’t matter if you’ve never written “sales copy” in your entire life!)

We promise, as you read, watch, and implement what we teach…

…you’ll be given real, actionable strategies we KNOW can help bridge the gap between wherever you’re at right now in your business and where you want to be!


‘MAGNETIC Story Selling’


‘MAGNETIC Story Selling’

Here are a few stories OF PEOPLE

who got a chance to read ‘Magnetic Story Selling’
and use it to transform their business:

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How To Write Like Dan Kennedy!

Learn 40+ Years Of ‘In-The-Trenches’ Direct Response Copywriting In Just 3 Days To Secure Boatloads Of Sales On-Demand (...And Without “Thinking” Nearly As Hard)!

"I was simply shocked..."

I have been studying copywriting for 3 years and felt I had a good command of the subject. However, after the first hour, I started to learn about all the holes in my writing. I was simply shocked to see how many key ideas and strategies I was missing and how much more powerful I could make my copy. This course is great for anyone who has the basics and wants to move to the master level.

- Robert Estupinian

"A Life-Changing, Business Altering Moment…"

Dan Kennedy’s copywriting program is a life-changing, business-altering moment. After listening to Dan I immediately implemented his suggestions. The results were phenomenal. I saw an instantaneous 50% increase in the response to my newsletter.

My relationship with my clients went from cool and distant to warm and familiar. This translated directly into being more willing to do what I told them to do whether it’s taking steps to improve their business or buy more of my products. Plus, developing material is easy because I’m just talking about things that have happened to me.

- Dave Dickson

Numbercruncherz Consulting Group

"Completely Changed the Way I Communicate with my Members…"

Dan Kennedy’s copywriting program either #1 or #2 as far as influence on me and my business. We’ve all been taught hundreds of proven strategies to go out and get ourselves a “herd.”

But, the bottom line is that once you do, you can only keep customers coming back with your ‘content’ for so long. I’ve now completely changed the way I communicate with my members, and the response has been overwhelming.

- Jack Phelps 

The Relaxing Retirement Group, Inc.

"Dan, you’ve removed the mystery of writing..."

Dan, you’ve removed the mystery of writing. Never again will I sit with my head in my hands struggling to figure out how to phrase something when I’m writing, especially a sales letter. The tools you gave and the questions you taught me to ask when I sit to write are now right next to me whenever I write.

Dan’s copywriting principles dramatically improves the response of any writing I do. The checklist, formats and templates make all the writing I do easier. Since, it is now easier to write, I will write more. And writing more means more money in my pocket.

- Michael Gravatte

"Direction and growth of my company..."

Dan Kennedy has influenced the direction and growth of my company more than any other marketing authority in the world. I am embarrassed to think of the millions of additional dollars I DID NOT make, by choosing not to implement all of Dan’s advice.

This been the single most valuable marketing program I have taken – and I expect my business to make greater strides as a result of what I learned here, than from any other seminar.

- John Ducane

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn

of what you’ll learn inside of ‘Magnetic Story Selling’:

  • The “pick-up artist” trick taught to men in the dating market, and how it is now used by the MOST SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs today to “attract” their dreams customers at-will, and while doing the opposite of most other marketers would do. (Page 19)
  • How to turn your “oopsie, I shouldn’t have said that…” stories into pure money-making magic – and the psychological reason why using this maneuver makes you 10X more magnetic. (Page 20)
  • The 4 KEY ELEMENTS for any business owner to have in order to become the #1 go-to source for their customers. Like the “Infinity Stones”... you need all 4 to have complete control of your market. (Page 20)
  • The easy-to-follow strategy used by Jesus Christ himself to bring in TONS of followers to you. (Page 28)
  • The relationship-bonding reason why you should start filming everything you do, yes, including the boring stuff… (Most marketers “present” a version of themselves they “think” their customers want to see… and completely missing the mark. I’ll show you the right way to build a fan-base people can’t get enough of… all that and more on page 23)
  • The “flaws” of Marvel Universe that produced MORE sales than ever before, and crushing DC Comics in the 1960s… and how you can follow their same footsteps to produce marketing content people become addicted to! (Pages 35 -37)
  • The Frank Kern “quiz” to building the character of your business customers WANT to read and hear from every day without getting bored or annoyed. (Page 39)
  • What’s YOUR thing?!? Discover how to utilize your authentic self to eventually “OWN” your entire category, where customers practically can't get you out of their heads… and they don’t mind it one bit. (Pages 48-49)
  • Magic Mormon white powder?? Discover the story “bridge” that gets customers GLUED to your message, even if they’re already saying “no” in their heads. (On pages 68-73, you’ll see how to turn a “no” into a “heck yes,” and how it can work even for the most saturated markets.)
  • The proven 17-step story creation almost EVERY giant blockbuster film uses as its framework, and how you can adopt this same exact framework for almost all of your video sales letters for INSANE conversions! (Pages 84-85)
  • The difference between copy that “sells” and copy that “keeps”–the latter being the key to building an economic-proof empire every business owner wants. (Page 127)
  • The fool-proof, Dan Kennedy formula for building a tribe of die-hard loyalists… and the #1 secret to get customers to pay a premium to work with you versus others. (Page 128)
  • How to “James Bond” your business and brand for a stronger, more meaningful relationship. (THIS is the secret to standing-out amongst your competitors… when customers need help with their particular problem, they’ll have you in their brain FIRST. All the details on page 133.)
  • The ONE “page-turning” question almost all of your customers are thinking RIGHT NOW and how it’s unconsciously driving their desires and opening their wallets. Learn this, and you’ll never worry about being seen as “boring,” which is code for business death… (Page 137)
  • The deeply held secret why your customers WANT you to be polarizing. This psyche strategy was successfully used in the “Be Like Mike” commercials from the 90s… adopting this for your own marketing will have customers hanging on your every word like you're a celebrity! (Page 139)
  • The backwards way of writing to “repel” your audience into loving you and sharing your work with others. (Page 140)
  • Dan Kennedy’s 4 basics to good writing that anyone can adopt, even if you think you “stink” at writing, or you feel you’re not “creative” enough. (Page 148)
  • 31 principles of influential writing that’ll not only have your customers buying from you… but also sharing your name and your story with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, fishermen, you name it. (Starting on page 157)
  • The key difference between an “interested” customers and a “fascinated” customer – create the latter and you’ll never worry about getting customers again. (Page 169)
  • Why complex ideas suffer, while complex characters win! Learn the difference and how to turn YOU into a complex character customers can’t get enough of. (Page 176)
  • The “Legend Formula” used by the likes of Wyatt Earp and Harry Houdini you can use to have people remember you, retell your stories, and share your work for FREE! (Pages 189-190)

And sooooooo MUCH MORE!!!

That’s just the first 190 pages!

There’s still a full 100+ MORE pages PACKED with incredible marketing insight you can take action on today and begin to increase your customer-base for more sales fast!

Plus, you get BONUS material like Mike Schauer’s ‘Reverse-Engineering Stories That Sell,’ which includes his 4-Step Process for Finding and Using Product-Based Stories!

But that’s not all…

Within these pages, you’ll also get QR codes that’ll send you to online masterclasses so you can get an even more in-depth look at each marketing principle!

You’ll also be shown sales letter examples (...some of which are practically impossible to find)...

So you’ll be able to read the words and see how it applies to real-world examples that have gone on to make TONS of sales!

Now, keep in mind, this book isn’t “cheap,”

and it’s not available anywhere else.

If you think about it, this is way WAY more than just a “book.”

In all honesty…

This may just be the last book you’ll need to build the online empire of your dreams!

This may just be the last book you’ll need to build the online empire of your dreams!

Seeing as this book contains the secret to mine and Dan Kennedy’s success, and the step-by-step process on how you can adopt this same framework for yourself…

You can easily see why I would charge upwards of $10,000 or more.

And for many of my top-earning students, this price would be a no-brainer.

Imagine taking just ONE single principle or marketing strategy from this book, implementing it into your business…

…and within a short time you see MASSIVE, life-changing results!

How much would that be worth to you?

What if ONE strategy paid back the $10,000 in a matter of weeks, if not days…?

Well, guess what…

(and you probably saw this coming)...

I’m not going to make you pay the hefty $10,000 price tag.

I’m not even going to make you pay half that…

Right now, because you’re here, and because we are running an exclusive offer for the first 100 book…I’m going to let you grab Magnetic Story Selling for the low price of just $1,997 or 4 easy payments of $597.

Now, if you’re looking at that price and saying to yourself, “sheesh, that’s just too high”...

…then this multi-media book isn’t for you, yet.

But for those of you who are tired of not scaling your business to new heights…

and you feel “stuck” on a growth plateau…

…then this book is written with you in mind!

…then this book is written with you in mind!



Dan Kennedy has been in the direct response marketing game for over 40 years and has revolutionized the way people buy online and off.

Known as ‘The Renegade Millionaire Maker’, Dan is an author, copywriter, professional speaker, and coach who has helped hundreds of clients scale their businesses to millions and beyond… allowing them to experience more time-freedom to do what they want, when they want!


Russell Brunson is a best-selling author, rare book collector, serial entrepreneur with over 20+ years in the online marketing world, and is widely known as THE “funnel guy.”

He’s the co-founder of ClickFunnels, the #1 tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get more leads that turn into sales using funnels.


NO B.S. Guarantee

I know Magnetic Story Selling can change your life and your business.

I promise as you read and apply the principles in this book, you can become THE dominant force in your industry and achieve legendary status very few marketers ever experience.

HOWEVER! If you are still not satisfied with Magnetic Story Selling, then simply email my support team within 30 days or purchase and we’ll refund your investment, every penny, and won’t hold it against you.

But Hurry!

We Have A Very Limited Number Of Copies Of ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ Available

Here’s the deal– for this initial run, we only printed 500 copies of ‘Magnetic Story Selling’.

Once those copies are gone, that’s it for the foreseeable future.

(Note: this book isn’t available anywhere else outside of this page. It’s not sold in stores, nor is it available on Amazon.)

That means if you’re seeing this page right now, then we still have copies of ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ still available!!!

But you must act now

and place your order before we run out of our current stock…

(Remember, once all of the free copies are gone, this page… and offer… disappear!)

Thanks for reading.

I can’t wait to hear how ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ changes your life.


Russell Brunson

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can Magnetic Story Selling work for MY business?

Yes. If you want to graduate from being a regular “marketer” and become an influential voice in your customers’ lives, so you can build not just a business, but an empire filled with die-hard loyalists, then Magnetic Story Selling is for you!

+ Why is ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ priced at $1,997? Isn’t it just a book?

Magnetic Story Selling isn’t just a “book.” It's a 372 page multi-media book, complete with behind-the-scenes masterclasses that break down the principles of the marketing strategies for a closer look on how to apply it to your business. Plus, it comes with tons of sales letter examples you can model and use for your own offers!

+ What if ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ doesn’t help me?

This is highly unlikely. However, with that said, if you do not find a single shred of value contained within ‘Magnetic Story Selling’, then I’ll refund your investment without hassle..

+ When will my copy of ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ get to me?

Within the United States, please allow 5 to 7 business days to get your order. For international, please allow 11 to 15 days.

+ Where can I order ‘Magnetic Story Selling’?

You can order ‘Magnetic Story Selling’ right here on this page.

Order Your Copy of
‘Magnetic Story Selling’ Today…

…and build a compelling, personality-driven empire that creates customers for life!

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